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Foundations to Balance & Heal Program

The Foundations program is a 12 week intensive working with Stephanie one on one to move you forward with your health journey.


Here is just a sampling of what will happen during those 12 weeks:


  • In depth wellness survey to see where you are starting and a second one after the 12 weeks to see what you have accomplished
  • Creating Mindfulness strategies
  • How stress management will help
  • Energy Clearing
  • Nutrition goals and steps to take during the intensive
  • Mindset
  • Detoxing - the benefits of a good detox and how to detox
  • Benefits of sleep and ways to help improve sleep
  • Self-care - why it is important and simple steps to take
  • Muscle Manipulation - how this can help balance your body
  • Ways to maintain and continue moving forward after the intensive
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Carbon County Utah

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