Balancing Your Body

An intentional course in sustainable holistic wellness

Ok let's be honest when it comes to holistic and alternative health there are lots of options out there. And how do you know what to choose and where to start??


I've been where you are and I'm here to help you. You see I post a lot about getting to the root of health issues, but if you never start because you are overwhelmed with all the information out there it really doesn't matter if you get to the root or not.


But what does matter is taking action, and I'm here to help you do that. I have spent years deciphering through all the information out there and have compiled it in an easy and digestible way.


Yes, I have a lot of certifications in different areas, but what I want you to know is that I am a facilitator. I am here to guide you on your journey to healing your body. Nobody can do that but you. But I can be here to support, advocate, and guide you through.


Balancing Your Body is a place to start piecing together the jumbled puzzle of health issues. It can be as simple and low key as you want or we can dive in and get things done. This really is about you and your journey to healing.


As your facilitator and guide I will show you the path and be by your side. I will help, share knowledge, and even push you a little bit.


If you are ready to bring you back into balance & alignment then this course is the place to start.


Throughout the course we will be creating balance and harmony within your body - a sustainable means to healing your body for a lifetime of enjoyment.  You will learn tools, have accountability, healing sessions, and assessments all to better address your specific needs to balance and heal.



With this course we focus on each of the following areas:


  • We begin with the Balance/Imbalance Review and get a baseline/starting point

  • Tweaking what you eat

  • Clear Your Body - detoxing

  • Movement Your Way

  • Love You for You - self-care and your relationship with self

  • Advocating for Your Health & Well-being

  • Recognizing Your Relationships

  • Trauma & Your Health

  • Your Sleep

  • Fine Tuning Your Body

  • Nature & You



You are able to customize this to you.  There are a few options to using this course

  • The totally do it yourself option where you get access to the course to do on your own.  The Balance/Imbalance review is included in this option, but no coaching


  • The slow-paced option where you get 12 months access to the course along with the Balance/Imbalance review, monthly coaching sessions, and healing sessions


  • The fast-paced option where you get 1:1 coaching with me and the course for 12 weeks, this includes everything the slow-paced option has along with access to me for the 12 weeks for a more indepth process.