10 Circles was founded by Stephanie Larrabee to bring understanding and help to those who suffer with Autoimmune diseases and chronic illness.  We work to help clients who are ready to take back control of their health and their daily lives.  By incorporating a system called Foundations to Balance and Heal to bring the body into balance and create the best environment of healing for the body.



Stephanie is a Certified Foot Zone Practitioner, Certified Natural Health Counselor, Certified Nutrition Autoimmune Specialist, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Master Herbalist and Yoga Instructor.


Holisitic Healing

 A CNAS is a  Certified Nutritional Autoimmune Specialist ℠  - We specialize in helping clients with autoimmune diseases through nutrition and movement.  The goal is to keep your disease from multiplying and begin to put it in remission.  We work together as a team to decide on what your nutrition goals are and what changes need to be made to get you on your path to wellness.   By using only food, movement, living probiotics, and herbs in the wellness plans.  There is never any diagnosing and we work with you and your current medical practitioner.     

Foot Zoning

 Foot Zoning is all about balancing the body.  It is similar to reflexology only more in depth and uses all of the foot.  Foot zoning, it is a great way to aid the body in detoxing and bringing it back into balance to allow for healing.


intentional wellness method


The Intentional Wellness Method uses the ABC's of Healing


Assess: Meeting you where you currently are and assessing your needs


Balance: Using multiple modalities to bring balance to your state of being


Create:  Creating a path to healing specific to you and your needs